Suez noise nuisance: residents continue to suffer

This page has been prepared for:
– Councillors Paul Church, Glenys Roberts & Jonathan Glanz
– Professor Geoff Petts, Vice-Chancellor, University of Westminster
Lady Sorrell, Chancellor, University of Westminster
Anuja Jayawickrema, Environmental Health Officer, Westminster
– Westminster Noise Team
– Suez Support Team

Despite two previous promises from Suez that they will ensure their noisy rubbish collections happen after 7am, once again they have gone back on their word and residents are suffering interupted sleep:

This morning the Suez rubbish collection woke the entire neighbourhood at a ridiculously early 5.38am. (Video with timestamp below.)

As Suez have not been able to solve the problem internally, the residents have now requested our Councillors contact the senior management of the University directly.

Friday 24 Nov 2017, 6.30am Thursday 30 Nov 2017, 5.38am